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            About us

            HAEC focuses on providing high quality GSE in the global aviation industry. With more than 20 years experience in aviation, international trade and the logistics industry, we guarantee a high quality service for our customers. Our aim is to provide the best possible bridge between GSE manufactures,airlines  and airports.

            Our highly experienced team guarantees thebest standards for OEM and ODM products. All products comply with a complete range of international standards including ISO9001,FAA,CAAC.

            Our product lines includes: Passenger Step Vehicles, Potable Water Vehicles, Lavatory Service  Vehicles, Maintenance Stands, Coordinating Racks, Shove Pallets, Pallet Dollys, Container Dollys, Luggage Trolleys, Covered Luggage Trolleys, and a full range of Ground Support Equipment. 

            We have cooperated with various airlines, airports and logistic companies in China and many other Countries. We have gained a high reputation from our customers for providing top quality equipment and scheduled deliveries.

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            Address:ROOM 2002, ZHENXING BUILDING,NO.118 NORTH HUBIN ROAD, XIAMEN, CHINA   Technical support: 35 Internet